Coryell offers personalized services which are designed to maximize a client’s choices and need. All services provide opportunities for increased integration and inclusion in the community. Services may range from a weekly minimum of 2 hours of consultation and parent education/training to 20 hours of direct services combined with consultation and parent education/training, depending on relevant characteristics of the behavior(s) and skills.

Supportive Living Services (SLS)

SLS provides a supported home, community and work environment. We promote independence through person-centered planning based on the client’s strengths and preferences. Supported Living Service(s) are tailored to meet the client’s needs and preferences for support without having to move from the home of their choice, and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting with common daily living activities such as meal preparation, planning, shopping, cooking, and storage activities
  • Performing routine household activities aimed at maintaining a clean and safe home
  • Locating and scheduling appropriate medical services

The client shall participate in the process to the highest degree possible. The planning process shall determine the specific supports and services that are appropriate for the person, and that he or she needs and prefers, including those needed to promote the individual’s community inclusion, independence, growth, health and wellbeing.

Behavior Management Services

Coryell retains Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) with experience in working with adults. All staff received formal training in Behavior Analysis, and the majority are Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT’s). Behavioral Support plans are developed to enable clients with challenging behaviors to participate in home life, a variety of community activities, and vocational activities.

Community Inclusion Services

Our staff, led by our Community Inclusion and Vocational Manager, assist clients in planning and implementing rich community engagement and participation. Our services are provided in natural environments out in the community to enhance both participation and satisfaction.

Vocational Services and Supports

Coryell offers both paid and volunteer work services, regardless of the level of support required. Work activities utilize the client’s existing skills, teach new skills and allow individuals to become an active member of the local community workforce. Our staff help to find employment in the community and ensure necessary supports are made available in order to ensure the client retains employment.

Fee Structure

Coryell Autism Center contracts with San Andreas Regional Center to provide Supportive Living Services. All other services are provided through private pay and/or insurance reimbursement. The cost of services can be found below.

Service TypeBCBABehavior Technician
Program Development$130.00$50.00


Our services are covered by Optum/United Healthcare. If you have a different insurance company, we will work with families to help obtain health insurance authorizations and submit invoices for reimbursements to your currently health insurance provider. Many health insurance plans cover behavioral therapies delivered by qualified professionals.


As our program is geared towards serving adults, the minimum age requirement for our clients is 18.

Please contact us and we can arrange an assessment to see if Coryell can help you or your loved ones.

Yes, our services are covered by United Healthcare Insurance (formally Optum). Many clients have success obtaining an out of network authorization for our services and being reimbursed for the cost.

This can be an option, especially if you are looking for consultation services. Please contact us for more information.