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Adult Day Pilot Program
Coryell has expanded its vision to include a Pilot Vocational Day Programto foster the further development of individuals with disabilities, 22+. The vocational day program is based on the Coryell campus and focuses on such skills as job training, job coaching, community integration, socialization, and daily living skills. We strive to provide a structured daily schedule in which our clients may live productive, meaningful lives, as we foster these skills and promote independence in the next chapter of their lives.

Consultation Services and Supportive Living Service Model
Coryell Autism Center provides individualized Transition Consultation Services to assist families of enrolled students in understanding the various living options that become available to individuals with autism as they reach the end of their school years.  The process of preparing students and families to access these services generally takes months or even years, so all families are encouraged to begin the search as early as possible.  We recommend that any family with a child with autism acquire a free copy of Autism Speaks Transition Toolkit and Autism Speaks Housing Toolkit, available here. 

Coryell Autism Center SLS provides a program model depicting the development and structure in a supported home environment. Furthermore, Coryell Center offers guidance, training, and collaboration in the transition to SLS services to best support our enrolled students.

Additional services, such as extended consultation or in-depth workshops, may be available for a fee. 

Coryell Autism Center is a vendor of the San Andrea Regional Center. For more information about the SLS program, contact us at 831.713.5186 or email

Ramping Up for Independence: FYI

A Sobering Look at Young Adults with Autism

Partnering with Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Student and Local Business working together with great success!
By Kate Bemesderfer, Lead Instructor

Employment Tool Kit

Autism Speaks Family Services Transition Tool Kit

California Transition Information

Housing and Residential Support Tool Kit

Mother and teen in transition
A Very Special Mother Day Gift

NY Times Essay Posted
NY Times “Motherlode” column about what it felt like to have to apply for guardianship of my own child.

Putting Self Advocacy to Work
A blog post by Kim Milla, BA, a Community Companion to an 18-year-old with autism.

What Works
iPrompts App Shows Promise!
By Kate Bemesderfer, Lead Instructor

I'm impressed with this company and the people involved, and even if the tech isn't “tech perfect” just yet, they are interested in getting it right. iPrompts is an amazing program, the company is working on embedding timers in schedules, creating a reminders system so that the program will prompt kids automatically throughout the day, setting up schedules in a way that allows elements to be checked off and for reinforcers to be "unlocked" on the basis of schedule progress.  We are using the app with student iPhones and iPads and we are seeing great results. The company is considering making two apps, one for the individual with autism and another for the caregivers. Check it out: