Employment Opportunities - Program Manager, Behavior Technician, Classroom Instructor

Position: Adult Services Program Manager 

Coryell Autism Center's Adult Services Program is dedicated to providing services to individuals with autism in order to lead meaningful and independent lives.

Position Description: 

The Program Manager facilitates team communication, program implementation and evaluation of direct service staff’s performance across program areas. The Program Manager works closely with clients and families to establish support that maximize adaptive skills and leads to community inclusion, independence, and positive behavioral changes for the clients. 

Behavior Management Services

Leads and monitors the implementation of client’s goals, teaching procedures, and data collection across program areas, including problem behavior reduction and skill acquisition programs.

Community Inclusion

Leads and manages client’s weekly access to community activities utilizing client’s choice and preferences. Develops activities guides to support client success in the community.

Employment Services

Leads and manages employment services, including the client’s portfolio, and employment opportunities per client’s Individual Program Plan, and Behavior Implementation Plan


Leads and manages staff orientation and training schedule

Manages direct service staff schedules and ensures all shifts are covered, including covering shifts as needed.

Position Requirements
Education: Bachelor’s degree in related field
Experience:   3+ years in Management/Program experience, preferably in an autism-related field. 
ABA experience a plus!

Full time Position; Monday through Friday
Salary-dependent upon experience
2 week vacation, Health Benefit Allowance, Cell phone/ Mileage reimbursement
Training provided by BCBA Supervisor

This is a unique opportunity to provide leadership and direction in an Adult Services program.


Adult Services Behavior Technician

Working one-to-one in a residential, community or work setting, Direct Care providers use Applied Behavior Analysis to monitor and respond therapeutically as the client develops greater self-management, enjoys more social communication, and advances in daily living skills.

Skills, Education and Prerequisites:

  • Must have high school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in field preferred
  • Must have valid California State driver’s license, clean driving record, proof of insurance and working automobile
  • Must be able to work effectively for and with individuals who have challenging behavioral
  • Must be able to act independently and function as part of an overall team.
  • Must possesses good judgment and reasoning skills
  • Must be a good communicator and have a willingness to listen and accept feedback
  • Must have proven organizational, prioritization and time management skills
  • Knowledge of community resources preferred

Direct Care Responsibilities:

  • Implements Crisis/Emergency Protocols as needed and documents to the appropriate agencies within time limits set by that organization
  • Be flexible, while motivating client to engage in activities, physical exercise and social opportunities within their community.
  • Act as a positive peer model for client to inspire client to choose a healthy, productive and meaningful lifestyle.
  • Ensure the implementation of a daily schedule of activities
  • Increase quality of life outcomes
  • Supervise and train clients in a workplace or vocational setting
  • Ensure that client medication is taken and documented according to policy
  • Aid client with domestic services including: housework, meal preparation, meal clean-up, laundry, reasonable food shopping, and other shopping/errands.
  • Aid client with personal care services including: bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, dressing, care and assistance with prosthesis, assistance with self-administration of medications, bowel and bladder care, routine menstrual care, ambulation, transfer, feeding and respiration.
  • Aid client with other miscellaneous services including: accompaniment to medical appointments, accompaniment to alternative resources such as Adult Day Care of Respite Programs

ABA Responsibilities:

  • Understands and identifies critical ABA terms and uses them correctly in context
  • Identifies common functions of problem behaviors
  • Identifies and implements all components of Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) including proactive strategies, reactive strategies and de-escalation procedures
  • Redirects problem behavior/reinforces alternatives
  • Identifies the need for and implements extinction procedures for problem behavior
  • Identifies program goals and implements the discrete trial, task analyses and/or incidental teaching procedures to promote client learning and growth
  • Identifies and implements essential components of the teaching procedures including but not limited to: being prepared for a session, knowing what the outcome of the session should be, current prompt and fade levels and current level and contingencies of reinforcement.
  • Identifies all components of and implements motivational system accurately including: being prepared with all materials, token economies, differential reinforcement, correction procedures, and client self-management system etc.
  • Completes all ABC and data charts
  • Identifies and defines behavior and environment in observable and measurable terms
  • Conducts in the moment preference assessments
  • Implements continuous measurement procedures (e.g., Frequency, Duration)
  • Implements discontinuous measurement procedures (e.g., Partial‐Interval Recording)
  • Reaches 90% Inter‐Observer Agreement with supervisor
  • Completes all data accurately and timely
  • Assist client in skill acquisition and behavior management in a variety of settings.
  • Increase alternative and positive behaviors

Other responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with team members during bi-monthly staff meetings and monthly in-service trainings with behavior analysts.
  • Connect positively with family members, employers, and community agencies.
  • Identify health-related resources available to persons with autism.

Part-time hours (15-20/week) available

Education/experience based pay scale $15/hour-$17/hour

Please send resume to lward@coryellautismcenter.org. Call 831-431-6154 with questions.

Classroom Instructor

Job Description:
40 hours/week, 229 day school calendar. Responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating acquired skills and behavior reduction treatment programs for students enrolled at Coryell Autism Center.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work with staff in planning, implementing and evaluating individualized skill acquisition and behavior treatment programs
• Work with the treatment team to create, implement, and evaluate beginning through advanced curricular progressions
• Collect data
• Lead the development of new programming ideas
• Participate in on-going staff development trainings, applied research, and professional conferences.
• Any and all duties associated with CAC, as assigned by senior staff

• Experience working with individuals with autism or special needs students preferred
• Experience with the application of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis a plus; training will be provided
• Ability to handle potential exposure to physical aggression, with training provided
• Well organized, reliable, problem solving skills
• Relates well to students and families
• Ability to work well independently as well as a cooperative and active team member
• Must be dedicated, committed and have perseverance
• CA Driver’s License and DMV printout are required as the job entails travel between classroom and community activities
• Fingerprint/background and TB clearance before first day
• Personal cell phone is required for data collection, to keep in contact while off-site, and in case of emergency

Based on Experience
6 weeks paid vacation and monthly benefits after probationary period

Please send resume and references to: bloeser@coryellautismcenter.org or call 831-713-5186




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Coryell Autism Center is an equal opportunity employer.